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"If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself look a little closer, get a better mirror.. Stare a little longer. Because there’s something inside of you that told you to keep going, despite everyone who told you to quit."
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This was in one of the bathroom at my college.
"Take off the dark eyeliner. Get out of bed and clean your room. I promise the world won’t crumble underneath your feet. Dress yourself in the prettiest clothes and say to yourself “I’m fucking beautiful”. Do this everyday, especially on days when you don’t mean it. Go to the library and read books wrote by authors you’ve never heard of. Walk to a store you wouldn’t ever go in and try on clothes that aren’t your style. Keep an open mind and let your thoughts be heard. Compliment people just as much as you wish to complimented in return. Don’t forget to make one of those people yourself. Most importantly, remember that happiness begins with one simple choice."

Tim Lanfrancmassive leaves, 2009